"> Open Steps – a journey around the world discovering and showcasing open knowledge projects | Open Knowledge Festival 2014

Open Steps – a journey around the world discovering and showcasing open knowledge projects

Open Steps

Open Steps is an initiative from two Berliners; Alex Corbi (Spanish, software developer) and Margo Thierry (French, European politics) who spent a year travelling around the world discovering and documenting Open Knowledge projects. Now, they are coming back home to Berlin and are excited like to share their global experiences with the Open Knowledge Community at the OKFest14.

During this journey that took them through Europe, India, Asia and South America, they have covered numerous and exciting projects in the fields of Open Knowledge, Open Data, Open Government, Open Source but also Data Journalism on their blog. Through regularly published articles, their Directory (a list of the individuals and organisations they met) and more than 20 Open Data Visualisation workshops they organised along the way, Open Steps has managed to get an overview of what is going on across all 24 countries they visited.

If you’re curious about what they’ve discovered, explored and seen, then visit their stand at the Open Knowledge Festival Opening Fair on Tuesday the 15th July and collaborate with them to help improve and extend the ongoing Open Steps Directory, adding your ideas to this incredibly worthwhile and important global project.

Through Open Steps’ participation in OKFestival 2014, both a project and a journey come to an end. However, they have some exciting plans for the future so don’t miss their appearance at OKFestival – use it as a chance to explore their journey and get involved with the next stage!

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