Ticket FAQs

Below, you’ll find some FAQs about buying a ticket to OKFestival. If you still can’t find the information you need, please get in touch.

What does the ticket price include?

We’ve worked hard to keep the price of the tickets as low as possible. The price includes admission to the opening evening event (July 15) and to both full days of the festival (July 16-17). Ticket prices include free tea, coffee and water for the duration of the festival as well as access to WiFi throughout the venue. As with other festivals, you’ll need to buy your own food at the event, and there will be a diversity of options available within the venue.

The OK Festival event is an international non-profit venture running on a break-even basis: this means that what you pay for the ticket allows us to run the event and fund a strong financial aid programme. The financial aid programme enables us to invite folks from all over the world to join us, which means we can create a truly diverse and representative festival for you. Your help in making this happen is invaluable.

Does my OKFestival 2014 ticket also give me access to all the fringe events?

OKFestival fringe events are not organised by the OKFestival team, but we will try to ensure that they fit the festival’s themes and philosophy and have offered a few guidelines about what makes a great fringe gathering in the Fringe Events section. If there are any admission costs charged by the organisers of the fringe events, these are independent of OKFestival tickets.

What is a “business ticket”?

Are you planning to attend OKFestival on behalf of your company? Is your company paying for your ticket? In this case, the business ticket is the right one for you. Corporate ticket sales help us to finance the production of OKFestival, which is a non-profit event run on a break-even basis, and of course, they also have great features that you don’t get with a normal ticket:

  • free transferability option (a different colleague can attend each day of the event if you prefer)
  • complimentary drinks and lunch throughout the festival
  • complimentary exclusive tour of one of Europe’s most exciting capital cities – Berlin

OKFestival is a unique opportunity to meet a diverse group of people interested in the Open movement. Attendees have a range of interests; they are technically savvy, active event organisers, influential in the online environment, involved in international projects and passionate change-makers among many other things. What better way to learn more about Open activities and form new collaborations than in the dynamic, community-focused atmosphere of OKFestival 2014?

I’ve got several colleagues/friends who’d like to come to the festival too – can we buy a group ticket?

Great! Yes – groups of 5 or more get a 10% discount on the standard ticket price. We’re excited to have you learn, make and do together, so grab some friends and come along for a festival you won’t forget.

I’m thinking of applying for the financial aid programme –  do I still need to buy a ticket?

Yes, you’ll still need to buy a ticket.

Our financial aid policy goes above and beyond simply offering a free ticket; we help with the more significant cost of travel and other expenses involved with attending the festival.

If your application for financial aid is successful you’ll receive a fixed sum (amounts differ for those people coming from Europe to those coming from overseas) to offset the cost of attending OKFestival, from travel to ticket. Details of how to apply for financial aid are coming soon.

My session proposal has been accepted – does that entitle me to a complimentary ticket?

Unfortunately not. The whole idea of OKFestival is that attendees are involved, so whether you’re running a session, joining a hack or just having a chat, this festival is all about community empowerment. However, while we can offer you a platform, we can’t offer you free tickets.

Is there any way I can obtain a free ticket?

The only complimentary tickets that we are able to offer are for:

  • Children under 12 accompanied by an adult with a ticket
  • One person officially accompanying a disabled person with a ticket
  • Members of the volunteer team. Details on how to volunteer can be found here.

I can’t attend anymore – can I transfer my ticket to a friend?

You can resell your ticket to someone else and then let us know the new attendee’s name (which we need for the name badge). The deadline for changing the name on tickets is 1st July. After this date you can still sell your ticket or give it to someone else but we’ll be unable to update the registration details.

I’d like to bring along my kids – can I do this and do I need to buy tickets for them too?

Children under 12 don’t need a ticket as long as they are accompanied by an adult with a ticket. If your children are over 12 and under 18 you’ll need to purchase student tickets for them.

Why are you asking for donations when I purchase a ticket?

OKFestival is a community event which aims to bring together anyone interested in the open movement.

To allow as many people as possible to attend, we’ve kept ticket prices low and created a financial aid programme but this means that the festival is on a very tight budget. If you feel able to make an additional donation on top of the regular ticket price, your support of the festival community will be very much appreciated. Because we run on a break-even basis, any unexpected surplus made will be directly reinvested to make sure the event can happen again in the future.

Can I get a refund?

No. Unfortunately, we’re unable to offer refunds.