19 thoughts on “Festival Programme

  1. Could someone please ask Mrs. Kroes about the compliance of the European Commission with art. 11 of Regulation 1049/2001? Since more than 10 years the Commission should have a public register of all (non-sensitive) documents it holds and gets. The Commission has an internal database called ARES which contains this information but it does not make it public. For more information about this isssue see: http://www.asktheeu.org/en/request/ares_ii#incoming-4970

    Transparency is not about publishing what they want to publish but about publishing what should be published!

  2. Hi !
    I would like to know whether it is possible to watch the Festival online ? I mean will the happenings be uploaded to YouTube/Vimeo after the Festival is over ?
    If the answer is no, then please try to upload it .. I am sure many people like me would be very happy to watch !

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