OKFestival 2014 is hosted by Open Knowledge in collaboration with our production partners, newthinking.

The following people help to make the festival happen:

Organisation & Coordination

  • Beatrice Martini, Events Manager & OKFestival Lead Organiser, Open Knowledge
  • Megan McGrattan, Event Coordinator, Open Knowledge
  • Lou Woodley, Fundraising and Communications, Open Knowledge

Production Team

  • Neal Bastek, Digital Engagement Director, Open Knowledge
  • Bill Brown, Graphic Designer
  • Daniela Bentrup, Project Manager, newthinking
  • Julia Gemählich, CEO, newthinking
  • Anna-Lena König, Project Manager, newthinking

Programme Team

A team of deeply respected leaders and members of the open community with strong understanding in one or more open knowledge practices. They will advise and provide input on the programme and contribute to diversify the cultural, geographic and disciplinary lenses of the curatorial work.

Discover more about them now.

Advisory Board

Steering Committee (Open Knowledge)

  • Rufus Pollock, Founder
  • Laura James, CEO
  • Sander van der Waal, Projects Director
  • Naomi Lillie, Network Director
  • Beatrice Martini, Events Manager & OKFestival Lead Organiser
  • Zara Rahman, Open Development Toolkit Lead

Finally, the festival would not be as cool as it is without the help of a large number of volunteers setting up the space, helping with session moderation, accreditation, communications and conference setup. Want to join us? Let us know by emailing us: [email protected]