Call for Proposals

The deadline to submit your proposal was March 30, 2014 and unfortunately we can no longer accept additional submissions.

Our Programme is now  full to bursting and it’s also live; you can find it here.

It you didn’t send your proposal in time, we won’t be able to accept it into the formal programme any longer. However, there are still lots of ways you can get involved and see your ideas come to life at the festival. In addition to the scheduled programme, OKFestival will provide time and space for short impromptu talks; a special section of the programme where you'll have the opportunity to pitch your session in the morning for a slot later in the day, as well as plenty of time and space to meet up to work on or present various projects and activities.

Selection Criteria

If you've submitted a proposal, the key criteria we judged against when selecting the programme sessions were:

  • does the proposal advance the overall mission of the event?

  • does the proposal advance the conversation around its area of open?

  • does the proposal offer participants a concrete, valuable outcome?

  • is the proposal interactive? hint: slides and lectures strongly discouraged

  • does the proposal value or build on OKFestival's principles of inclusivity and diversity?

  • does the proposal outline a reasonable timeslot, in keeping with our information about lengthy sessions?

Still have questions? Check out our Programme FAQs.

Want to know who selected the sessions we invite to participate? Check out our Programme Team

Key Dates

Here are the key dates you need to know:

  • February 20: call for session proposals launched

  • March 30: new extended session proposals submission deadline

  • May : session proposers notified of whether proposal is accepted or declined

  • End of May: festival program is announced

  • July 15: sessions facilitators meet on-site in the morning

  • July 15-17: OKFestival 2014!