Sponsors at OKFestival 2014 joined us as change-making partners, helping us and the broader community move from Open Minds to Open Action.

Sponsors this year included Google, Omidyar Network, Making All Voices Count, the Partnership for Open Data and various others. If you want to join us for the next instalment of OKFestival, we recommend that you get in touch by emailing [email protected]

Why Sponsor OKFestival?

OKFestival acts as an experimental space where some of the most innovative minds in the world come to explore the possibilities of an Open Future, and more importantly, to work towards making those possibilities real. OKFestival is a place of action, a place where Open Minds are catalysed towards Open Action in order to create real results, both at – and after – the festival itself.

The Open Knowledge Festival is a home for all those who have big ideas, and the foresight to want to make the world a better place through open collaboration and community. If you want to join them, to talk with them, brainstorm with them and relate to them, OKFestival will connect your worlds.

Tell us more! Who's going to be there? Who’s going to be talking about it?

OKFestival 2014 included attendees from a range of backgrounds – coders, data journalists, policy-wonks, politicians, programmers, engineers, designers, artists, activists, CEOs, futurists, curious citizens and more.

At OKFestival 2014 we saw:

  • Over 1000 attendees from over 56 countries

  • Over 18, 000 tweets

The festival aims to engage and inspire attendees by offering a space where they can listen, brainstorm, make, hack and explore, and in doing so, OKFestival offers our sponsors a unique opportunity to connect with our attendees as they map out the future of the open movement, and the world as we know it.

What will you get from sponsoring the event?

The OKFestival series has so much to offer – not only the unique opportunity to be a part of our vision, but to engage directly with open communities from around the world. Join us and be a part of the movement; an active participant helping to shape the future of open and a leader and advocate for the progress which you help to achieve while there.

We're offering you the chance to work with our community as we transform Open Minds to Open Action. Join us in defining goals in areas such as Open Access, Open Data and Open Development and help us to accomplish them during the Festivals and beyond.

You might want to lead a workshop at one of our Festivals, or participate in discussions, host a coffee break, teach people about how your tools can help them achieve their big goals, or partner with the main festival or one of our fringe events. The possibilities for collaboration are endless.

Get in touch to discuss how you can contribute

More on our big ideas for the OKFestival Series

Our aim is to make OKFestivals a place where we go beyond bringing together Open Minds – our aim will continue to be turning plans into action; building solid partnerships, tools and projects which can last beyond each festival and generate ongoing Open Action. Our vision is of OKFestival as a yearly starting point, a catalyst for change and progress within and beyond the open movement. We will create and achieve tangible goals and we want you to come along and join us on our journey; some goals will link with work our Keynote speakers are doing while others will further the work of our community. All will aim to generate lasting, notable impact in their fields.