Programme Team

Our Programme Team is a group of deeply respected leaders and members of the open community with strong understanding in one or more open knowledge practices. They will advise and provide input on the programme. They’ll be striving to diversify the cultural, geographic and disciplinary lenses of the festival so that we end up with a good balance of original content.
Programme Team members can also ask for further advice to Programme advisors of their choice for additional feedback.

Team members (by stream, in alphabetical order)

Jean Brice Tetka, Programmer and Activist, Social Innovation for Development Lab & Transparency International
Michelle Brook, Open Knowledge & Flossie
Milena Marin, Open Knowledge, School of Data
Rayna Stamboliyska, ResearcherOpen Knowledge FranceOpenMENA

Alessandro Contini, ToDo & OpenTechSchoolPhysical Computing Club
Anahi Ayala Iacucci, Internews Center for Innovation & Learning & Crisis Mapper
Beatrice Martini, Open Knowledge
Diana Arce, Artist and Researcher, Artists w/o A Cause
Kat Braybrooke, MozillaWebmaker
Gabriela Rodriguez, DATA & OpenNews Fellow

Duncan Edwards, Institute of Development Studies & Making All Voices Count
Hera Hussain, Open Corporates
Jane Park, Creative Commons, School of Open
Jessi Baker, Designer and Technologist, Provenance
Joris Pekel, Europeana
Katelyn Rogers, Open Knowledge
Renata Avila, Web We Want & Global Voices

Programme Advisors (in alphabetical order)

Programme Team members can independently decide to ask for advice from other relevant open community members who might provide specific knowledge and feedback to inform the programme building work – the Programme Advisors.

Anu Määttä, Aalto Fablab
Linda Raftree, Plan International USA
Michelle Thorne, Global Strategist, Mozilla Foundation
Peter Troxler, Researcher & Square One
Sam Smith, Researcher
Sarah Schacht, Transparency technology advisor and author

Programme Lead Wrangler: Beatrice Martini, Open Knowledge

Production coordination: Megan McGrattan, Open Knowledge

Steering Committee representation: Zara Rahman, Open Knowledge, Open Development Toolkit